At Kinvesto, we do not promise any big gains, just the best of learning that you can come across! We answer your queries about investments while giving you a brief experience-based introduction to beginning your investment journey.

Our vision is simple: aspiring investors shall not shy away from the industry due to lack of knowledge. Kinvesto is their one-step solution for everything they need to know before diving into the investment sector!



Delivering Innovative Investment Solutions

When I turned 18, I wanted to invest a mere sum total of ₹10,000. Unfortunately, I had no idea where to begin and put my money in. With nobody in my circle of acquaintances to look upto or ask for suggestions, I decided to learn by myself.

With years worth of vigorous experience now, I have a lot to share about investing! The relationship between an investor and the stock market is just like a student-teacher relationship. If you do your homework correctly, the teacher will reward you. And if you haven't done your homework, the teacher will punish you. Here, the reward and punishment is Profit and Loss. I began my journey by investing in the primary market. After two years of learning and experience in the primary market, I started to invest in the secondary market.

My first trade was with ITC. I had bought 45 shares of ITC @ ₹330 each. The very next day’s trade price was ₹280. That meant, ₹50 loss per share. I prefer to address this loss as a cost of learning. People always have certain myths regarding the stock market. You might’ve heard that “today’s investment can make you rich tomorrow”. But the fact is, “today’s smart investment in good quality shares can make you rich in the near future, not tomorrow”. Investing in the stock market always comes with a market risk. But, let me ask you one question: “Is living a human life risk free?”. Certainly not! Our heartbeat goes up and down, up and down. A stable heartbeat only signifies that the human being is no more. So just as we take care of ourselves, we can also take care of our investments.

My sole motive behind launching Kinvesto is, I had paid too much cost for learning. Now I want to help those who are keen to learn, without paying that much cost! I began this venture with the intention of helping out first-time investors from scratch.



We're a team of seasoned investors, here to guide you about all the do's and don'ts based on real experience.





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